TB Jumper Challenge Series

$7,500 New Stride Thoroughbred Jumper Challenge Series

Help us showcase the Thoroughbred horse

New Stride is proud to recognize, promote, and reward Thoroughbred owners and riders with our fifth annual Thoroughbred Competition Series. The first two years were run in a Hunter Classic format. The last three years and this year we’ve opted to run it as a Jumper Challenge to further showcase the versatility of Thoroughbreds. We aim to show the public the best side of the Thoroughbred horse and the industry built around it. Our unique series will raise the profile of Thoroughbreds in sport and will ultimately help find more homes for these magnificent animals.

An idea that’s growing and growing…

The idea of holding a Thoroughbred Competition Series was spearheaded by our friends Stacey Krembil and Long Run Thoroughbred Adoption Society in Ontario. Over the last seven years, they have built it into a highly regarded Hunter Classic Series that draws Thoroughbred enthusiasts ranging from promising amateurs to seasoned professional riders. The Series is showcased at a variety of “A” Circuit and FEI-ranked shows.

Working in partnership with Stacey and Long Run, our goal is to build out the same success in British Columbia and create a national Thoroughbred Series over the next few years.

Who is eligible to compete and what are the show rules?

It’s open to all Thoroughbreds  with valid tattoo or papers from The Jockey Club or CTHS. A copy of the papers must be provided to the Horse Show Office. If competitors do not have registration papers, they must provide a letter from a vet confirming their horse’s tattoo number. 

Competitors will have a choice of three heights (0.85m, 0.9m and 1.0m). The Horse/Rider combination Must compete at their division height in both rounds. If their height is not available they are permitted to compete at the next closest height down. There are no restrictions if the horse/rider combination wishes to move up in height. The class will be run in an immediate jump off format (FEI Article 238 Table A, 2.2). Winner will receive a Cooler, ribbona to eighth.

Questions about the competition? Read our FAQs!


April 27, 2024
Season Opener $1500
Thunderbird Show Park
24550 72 Avenue
Langley BC

July 2024
Milner Classic l – $1,500
Milner Classic ll – $1,500
Milner Downs Equestrian Center
21795 64 Avenue
Langley BC

September 14, 2024
 $3000 New Stride Thoroughbred Jumper Finale
Thunderbird Show Park
24550  72 Avenue
Langley BC

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Great Canadian Gaming Corp
North American Thoroughbred Horse Company
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