About New Stride

New Stride is supported by donations and grants from the Thoroughbred industry, the racetrack and equine communities, private individuals, and foundations. The organization receives no government funding of any kind.

We are often asked this question. We are not a rescue organization. The horses that we have in our program were donated to us by caring racehorse owners who want to ensure their horses find the best home possible once their racing careers are over. New Stride was founded at Hastings Racecourse in 2002 by a group of concerned owners, breeders and backstretch workers who sought to provide opportunities for a dignified retirement for as many Thoroughbreds as possible.


Good question! These horses are not typically for beginners! Although extremely intelligent and quite worldly in their life experiences, as far as riding skills, they have only been taught to race at high speeds. They need professional retraining or an experienced horse person to teach them new skills. Please visit our Resources page for more information on this topic.

Anyone seriously looking to acquire a Thoroughbred will visit our Adopt a Horse and Other Horses page often as new horses and listings come in regularly. You may also place your name and desired horse requirements on the Horses Wanted list in the forum.


Yes, our Canada Revenue Agency registration number is 86419 0228 RR0001.

Yes, we provide tax receipts.

There are a variety of ways you can make your donation. Please click here for more information. You may also consider leaving a legacy.

Yes, we accept donations for items that we need from time to time. Please check out our wish list.


The Jockey Club has transitioned to a new digital registration process. The documents are now not readily available to New Stride for subsequent provision to adopters.

Great! If you’ve found a horse you like, please contact the person listed for the horse and arrange a date and appointment to see it. Please be on time and call if you must cancel.

$1500 paid in full before taking the horse home.

Yes, the fee needs to be paid before the horse leaves our care.

We accept cheques, money orders, cash, or online payment via our PayPal account.

Yes! We encourage all adopters to arrange for pre-purchase exams. Although we provide full disclosure on the history of the horse since New Stride took ownership, we are not always privy to the horse’s entire lifetime medical history. You may bring your own veterinarian or we can recommend one to you.

The Jockey Club has transitioned to a new digital registration process. The documents are now not readily available to New Stride for subsequent provision to adopters.

Other Horses

Our forum is a free service to help unwanted racehorses find non-race homes. There are no fees charged to the listing racing trainer or owner or for purchasers.

You always contact the person who has the horse listed in the Other Horses section. If the listing is by a trainer or owner, there is no approval process and you contact the person directly to make arrangements to see the horse and work out the details. If you are in the Adopt a Horse section, then you will be contacting New Stride for adoption details.

The Jockey Club has transitioned to a new digital registration process. The paper copies of registration documents may still be available for older horses.

Usually not. Most require cash payment.

New Stride does not offer any guarantee on the physical condition or behavior of any of the Other Horses at any time. Buyer and seller carry full responsibility for the acquisition, transportation, care, and soundness of any horse. All statements made on the website with reference to any horse listed in the Other Horses section are the descriptions of the trainers/owners of their horses and are not verified by New Stride. As with any horse sale, New Stride recommends a veterinary prepurchase examination.

We only permit Thoroughbreds in our Other Horses section. These horses may be straight from the racetrack, training farm, or breeding facility. They may also be riding horses who have been off the track for a number of years and are now in need of new homes. As long as they are Thoroughbred, they can be listed in our Other Horses section.


There are many ways for you to help:

  • Helping at fundraising events
  • Host a third party event fundraiser
  • Gathering silent auction items
  • Contributing to marketing and design
  • Writing grant proposals and assisting with public relations
  • Hosting information tables at industry events
  • Assisting with administrative work
  • Caring for the horses (handling, grooming, rehabilitation, etc)
  • Training and exercising the horses
  • Providing rehabilitation services for the horses (veterinary care, massage therapy, etc)

If you would like to volunteer with New Stride, please contact our Program Coordinator (Carmen@newstride.com). She will provide you with the application form and instructions for submitting it.

It depends on the activities you’ve signed up for. Please be patient; we will contact you as soon as a spot opens that matches the availability you placed on your application.

We accept volunteers of any age. However, volunteers under 18 years of age must provide written consent from their guardian. Children 16 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult with horse experience.

Some people prefer to volunteer year-round; others only help out during specific events. We’re grateful of whatever level of support you’re able to provide.

Yes, you can volunteer for just one event or you can volunteer on an on-going basis. Generally though, we ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months from the volunteers that work directly with the horses.

Yes, you may volunteer with as many different activities you wish. We have various fundraising activities throughout the course of the year and are always in need of a helping hand.

Yes, first-timers are welcome to volunteer. There are many volunteer activities that do not require any horse knowledge (e.g. fundraising, marketing, etc). However, those wishing to work with the horses must have a minimum level of previous horse experience.

Volunteers may ride the horses. However, they must be approved by their designated coordinator and have insurance from Horse Council BC (obtained here).

As many of our horses are young and green, we require our volunteers to have a certain level of experience before riding the horses. This helps ensure the safety of both our volunteers and our horses.

Before a volunteer can ride a horse, they must go through a supervised training period. During this time, one of our Volunteer Coordinators will assess the rider’s ability and determine whether their experience is suitable for our horses.

A good gauge of experience is to assess where you would fit within the Canadian Pony Club standards. All riders should at minimum satisfy the D1 Level of Pony Club (details).

If you aren’t at that level yet, don’t worry. Please revisit the process with us once you’ve gained a bit more experience. We look forward to seeing your progress.

Only you can decide how much time you would like to spend volunteering. Each volunteer activity varies as to how much time is necessary to complete the task. There are a wide variety of commitment levels available. Generally though, we ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months from the volunteers that work directly with the horses.

There is no information briefing for volunteers to attend However, we may have pre-event meetings and training sessions depending on the activity of interest. Once you’ve completed our Volunteer Registration Form, you will be contacted by one of our Volunteer Coordinators. They will provide you with all the pertinent information.

Once you’ve signed up to volunteer, you will be added to our volunteer email list. We will email you periodically about various volunteering opportunities as well as information concerning our programs, horses, and general news.

Please indicate any special interests or skills when completing the Volunteer Registration Form. Once we receive your information, we will connect you to the right person, place, or group. If you have checked off a special skill, that information will be stored in our database and quite possibly used to contact you for other volunteer needs in the future.

New Stride is a registered charity in Canada. We’re happy to sign forms after you’ve completed your volunteer duties.

By volunteering for New Stride, you can request a letter of reference.

If you have committed to a specific event, we expect you to show up for your shift. We are dependent on our volunteers to ensure our events run smoothly and efficiently. If you are not able to make it to a shift, please let us know in advance.

Circumstances change and we understand, but please contact as soon as possible so we can make alternate arrangements.

Foster Farms

Email us a detailed proposal including your horse experience and background, as well as detailed information/photos regarding your facilities.

Got more questions?

Got more questions? Contact us and we will gladly answer them for you!