Results 2021

Winner of NS Jumper Challenge 1
Sponsored by 
Austeville Properties – July 24, 2021
Macy Hodson and Bank

2nd –  Romeo and Kelsey Anne McFarlane
3rd –   Bradley and Jennifer Smith
4th –   Patronum and Katherine Townsley
5th –   After the Conflict and Sinem Alugan 
6th –  Clyde and Shelbea Lalonde

Winner Of NS Jumper Challenge 2
Sponsored by 
North American Thoroughbred Horse Company – July 31, 2021
Finesse and Taylor McMillan

2nd –  Rocksteady and Melanie Hopp
3rd –   After the Conflict and Sinem Alugan

Winner Of NS Jumper Challenge Finale
Sponsored By
Swift Thoroughbreds 
Presented By Mark Mache, Corvinus And Amber Tilitzky

2nd – Atlantis and Cardin Benham
3rd – Greek Fire and Amaris Reimer