How Does New Stride Work?

Owners and trainers approach New Stride with horses they wish to place in the program. Horses are assessed by the Intake Committee for suitability and presented to the Board of Directors for consideration and acceptance into the program or onto a wait list. Horses are reviewed and considered on a first-come-first-served basis. New Stride has adopted the guidelines for transitioning the retired racehorse recommended by the American Association of Equine Practitioners and selects horses fairly and without bias. The program does not, at the time, take broodmares, show or saddle horses, or horses that have not raced or trained in BC.

Horses accepted into the program are sent to the facility best suited to their needs or potential. New Stride has a training facility in Langley, BC. Once settled, the horses are handled frequently by volunteers and ground training begins. Most horses requiring no injury rehab commence under saddle training within two weeks of their arrival.

Adoptions are facilitated by volunteers, and potential adopters are required to view the horses in person and to ride and handle the animals to the satisfaction of the New Stride representatives. Eligible adopters complete an application and provide information regarding their facilities or access to these facilities, plus references from a veterinarian to New Stride. Applications are reviewed and verified by the Adoption Committee and if approved, the adopter pays an adoption fee and enters into a one-year contract with New Stride. At the end of the term, if the organization is satisfied that the horse is placed appropriately, the adopter becomes the owner of the animal.

New Stride works hard to ensure appropriate matches are made during the adoption process. Repeat rides and visits are encouraged, and the adoption process is never rushed. Follow-up visits and progress reports are also taken seriously. New Stride maintains an interest in all horses that pass through the program.

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