Results 2022

Winner of NS Jumper Challenge 1
Sponsored by 
Swift Thoroughbreds – April 22, 2022
Goodness Gracious, ridden by Alison Lagan.
Owned by Emily Woodhouse.

2nd –  Nevada and Kristina Wilson
3rd –   Split the Difference and Kim Boyle
4th –   Corvinus and Amber Tilitzky

Winner Of NS Jumper Challenge 2
Sponsored By
 Austeville Properties – July 23, 2022
Smashing Dame And Madison Weber

2nd –  Patronum And Ryley Feenie
3rd – Bank And Macy Hodson
4th – Machine And Katherine Palleson
5th – Truman And Abigail Wedler

Winner Of NS Jumper Challenge 3
Sponsored By 
Great Canadian Gaming Corporation – July 30, 2022
Rowan And Laurel Kovach

2nd – Atlantis and Cardin Benham
3rd – Greek Fire and Amaris Reimer

Winner Of NS Jumper Challenge Finale
Sponsored By 
Onni Group – September 24, 2022
Stone Quarry And Krista Vangstad

2nd – From The Ashes and Maya Pedersen
3rd –  Modern Girl and Hannah Pringle
4th –  Split The Difference and Kim Boyle
5th –  Marquetry Rose and Katie Thielman
‚Äč6th – Rowan and Megan Harris