The Adoption Process

A Thoroughbred can be a marvelous partner and companion in a wide range of disciplines and settings however these horses are not for everyone. The first part of our adoption process is carefully considering what you are looking for in a horse. Once you have honestly assessed your needs and abilities as both a rider and potential horse owner and have read and understood our one year contract, you may find that adopting a New Stride horse is a good option for you. For more information on off-track Thoroughbreds, we have a few good articles under ‘What to Expect from an ex-racehorse:

The next step is getting in touch. Most people contact us with a particular horse in mind after having reviewed the horses we have posted for adoption. Typically, a potential adopter calls or emails the person listed as the contact for the horse and a dialogue about the suitability of horse and rider begins. The next step is for the interested person to complete an adoption application, which will be emailed after email correspondence has begun. New Stride endeavors to make the best possible horse and rider matches. We are honest about our horses’ histories, abilities and potential and expect potential adopters to be honest with us in terms of their goals, abilities and circumstances.

Once a prospective adopter has been matched with a suitable horse (or horses) he or she makes an appointment to visit our farm and meet the horse. During this visit the adopter is allowed and encouraged to handle the horse, to watch the horse work under saddle and to ride the horse themselves. New Stride encourages potential adopters to visit and ride the horse of their choice more than once. Family members who will ride or handle the horse and coaches or trainers, etc. are also invited to come along to this meeting. In-person visits are essential, and no adoption is approved without them.

New Stride doesn’t sell horses – we are an adoption society. You won’t find any high-pressure tactics. We are seeking permanent homes for the horses in our care, and will take the time to make sure that any partnership we approve has the best possible chance for long-term success. Adopters agree never to enter the horse in a race.

When New Stride and a potential adopter have mutually agreed that a match has been made, the adopter submits a completed contract along with three references (vet, farrier and another equine industry reference) and hosts a visit by a New Stride agent to their stabling facility (*adopters from outside the Lower Mainland may email photographs of stabling facilities). This information is then put before New Stride’s Adoption Committee for approval. Upon approval by the Adoption Committee, the adoption is finalized with the return of a completed contract to the adopter and their submission of the adoption fee.

Our one-year contract involves follow-up contact, and we are always interested in knowing how any of our graduates are doing in their new homes and careers. New Stride is available to help and support owners throughout their first year of ownership and beyond.

Upon successful completion of the contract’s one-year term, the adopter becomes the full owner of the horse. Congratulations, you’re a Success Story!

Check out our FAQs for more details.